Label: Unsigned Website: Rifle Fire Rifle waste no time on their first EP. Opening song The Doppler Effect is a great way for them to lay out what they're all about from the get go. Begininng with jangling guitars which are interrupted by scattershot drums and a bass line that gallops at breakneck speed before hitting the brakes for a quick key change.  The poppy hooks are disarmed by the angular guitar lines and muscular pace at which they're delivered. Also the singer doesn't make the mistake of affecting an American accent in order to sound more 'authentic'. I have to say this though. The Doppler Effect owes a great debt to bands like Fugazi and At The Drive-In. This is not neccesarily a bad thing at all as both bands mentioned are beloved by thousands and made some of the best post-hardcore of the last twenty years. The two other tracks aren't quite as tight as the opener. The production is a lot more scuzzy as well and parts of them remind me of Hope is Important era Idlewild. Again this is not a bad thing per se but when listening to a band I'd rather be focused on what they're like rather than which band they remind me of. I think that if they hone their craft a little more and are able to carve out a more personal sonic identity then they could be firing on all cylinders.