Released: 23/02/09 Website: Words by: Lewis Gibbs & Oliver Primus In an effort to give more rounded reviews on new/upcoming artists we decided to throw away the traditional one person review system and go with a two person review system instead. It's simple really, myself (Oliver) and Lewis sat down, we listened to the single and had a conversation about it. Here's what went down! Lewis: Well that was shit! Oliver: haha Lewis: Lets cut straight to the chase. It was easy listening and It doesn't exactly break the boundaries of music! Oliver: What did you think of the first track, 'Wandering'? Lewis: It started in a happy fashion, which was ok but as soon as the guy started to sing I just thought, wait a second, this is just Peter Kay. I couldn't get past it. He also sounds a bit like Alex Turner but in a forced and far less adequate way. It seemed really plain and the lyrics were quite cheesy. Oliver: I agree Lewis: It made me chuckle a bit. Oliver now reads the press release which speaks about McCulloch's love of men from the north west who combine singing, acting and comedy. Oliver: Seems like you hit the nail on the head with your observations then! Really he should be happy with what we've said so far then! Lewis: It might be ok for people that don't have taste in music! Oiver: haha. It's not as funny as a comedian performing a purposely funny song, it just comes across as being stupid. Lewis: Yeah, well, I can definitely see the niche though so I can't really pull it down to bad taste.  Different certainly but people like what people like. Oliver: When it comes to music I can't really take the northern accent too seriously, or any strong accent when it comes down to it. I find his accent pretty funny, which is a shame because I'm just not a fan of so called "funny" songs. Lewis: Haha, It's got a happy go lucky vibe though. Oliver: What do you think of the B-side 'Members Only'? Lewis: You know what? It started ok, but maybe it's because the first song was so bad that my ears have been somewhat damaged! Is that too mean?  I can't call it on that statement! Oliver: hah yeah Lewis: But soon it gets repetitive and cheesy and ends up sounding a little like Oasis Oliver: Or robbie Williams Lewis: hah yeah. I don't know if people consciously go out to copy these sorts of acts because they know they're good, or whether or not it's how they actually sound accent wise. Oliver: Well he's from Bolton so I guess it's real. The thing is that some people put on American accents when they sing, even though they're not American and it's still not as annoying as his accent. Which he's not even putting on! Lewis: hahah yeah Oliver: The second track was definitely less offensive. So what rating shall we give it overall? Lewis: It's gotta be less than five, right? Oliver: Well I was gonna go with 2-4, so lets go with three! Lewis: Done! Rating: 3/10