Label:Moodgadget Release date: 30/03/10 Link: Myspace Rob Theakston's's latest album I Am Waiting For You To Stop Being Mad At Me, is a hard album to describe with words. It's not even sparse. It's the apex of minimalism, a repeating loop that goes on and on, waiting for the listener to zone out to the stuff. There's something about this sort of music that makes it hard to categorise. It's neither ambient noise nor it is music “proper”, but more like a series of samples, set up as a collage over each other in layers. The very nature of the sounds make it feel like the spiritual descendant of what the BBC Radiophonic Workshop was doing during the sixties and seventies; loops of sounds repeating ad infinitum, with some of them being processed, reconverted and turned into something entirely different. A strange choice is to have more remixes than original pieces in the album (four remixes versus 3 songs). A very strange approach, very much like the music itself. Out of the three original songs, 'I am waiting for you to stop being mad at me, Part 3' is probably the best. It has an aura of darkness increased by the repeated crescendo peppered around, unsettling like a car alarm in the middle of a peaceful night. The remixes either continue the minimalistic route, with the exception of Off the sky's remix, which sounds like lounge music gone very, very wrong. Fantastic remix. I Am Waiting For You To Stop Being Mad At Me is a very sparse, atmospheric album; where manipulated sounds meld together to create an other worldly sound that still lingers once it's gone. Photobucket