Label: Ambiguous Records Release date: 06/10/08 Link: I seem to remember a time when you could turn on the news and know that the news reader would probably be free of any strong accent. I also remember the time when regional accents started to become more common on not just news programs but music too and it caused so much furore. The obvious examples of this being Kate Nash and Lilly Allen.  Personally I have no problems with strong accents in music, in fact I think it often works really well. Just listen to Roddy Wombles solo work for a great example of an accent working in an artists favour. Usually the issue I have is when you use that accent to be quirky, which is what I feel Kate Nash does. I'm assuming you know where I'm going with this one. Well unlike Miss Nash, Robb Marr's accent doesn't seem to be pushed at all, which made my life a lot easier! Opener 'Addicted To Drama' shares a certain Nashyness with it's descriptive lyrics and use of profanity in a flippant way. "Your ex boyfriend is a prick". Even the rhythms and delivery of Robb Marr words are performed in similar fashion but I guess thats where the similarities end for me. In fact the opener feels very similar to something Athlete would do, especially on the chorus. The fun theme from the opener gets carried on through to 'Safety Pins', with it's kid like piano.  So two tracks in Robb Marr seems to be in good form but the next two really are his Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde moments. Mr Hyde bears his ugly face on track three 'Better' as we're subjugated to a very poor and bland song that really shouldn't have made this EP. It's just beyond filler.  Thankfully Dr Jekyll returns and saves the day with the fabulous and very christmasy, 'Lighthouse Keeper's Cottage'. His voice truly shines on this song and it more than makes up for any lyrical shortcomings. I'm not sure that he would get away with writing a whole album worth of piano ballads like this but for the purpose of a 4 track EP it really works well, especially as a closer. Will it make my end of year list? I very much doubt but I'm pretty sure that one of those songs is gonna get played quite a lot around december. Rating: 3/5