The Pledge Music scheme has been rapidly growing in popularity over recent months, with the new Robots In Disguise LP, Happines V Sadness, being the latest high profile release. While this method of fan-funded production can mean a lengthier than normal wait (though with exclusive goodies to compensate), in this case it was totally worth it.

Album opener and single 'Chains' is an irresistably catchy slice of electro indie-pop, with vocals reminscent of Blondie gone the way of Björk. It has a definite 80s underpinning, as does the whole of the album – it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that Robots In Disguise recently toured with Gary Numan.

Largely the lyrics and melodies are poppy and catchy rather than imbued with too much of a deeper meaning (sample chorus: "I'm a yo-yo on a string-string-string-string, yeah") although 'Lies' is a biting critique of tabloid muck-raking, fortuitously more relevant now than ever in the wake of the phone hacking scandal engulfing half of Fleet Street as we speak. 'Sink In The Dirt', one of the darker sounding tracks on the album also speaks of a nihilistic sense of dissatisfaction, with the chorus "You can sink in the dirt to change the world/But you wont change the world".

Elsewhere, 'Let's Get Friendly' is an unashamedly sleazy piece of pop seduction, and 'Hey, Watcha Say''s question and answer vocals makes great use of the girls' uniquely different voices. The weaker lyrics show through on songs such as 'Don't Go' and 'Sorry', which don't contribute much to the album other than a catchy beat, but similarly lyrically lightweight closer, 'I'm A Winner' is a riotous affair that would bring a smile to the most miserable of faces, whilst issuing a none-too-subtle “up yours” to critics.

Happiness V Sadness offers the perfect encapsulation of the best of the current eighties revival: crowd pleasing electro pop full of catchy hooks and memorable (if slightly daft) melodies that's destined to set the nation's dancefloors alight. If it doesn't get you moving, you're probably allergic to fun.