Website: When a band is described as being experimental, it sometimes means that they have forgotten to pack the tunes, so you can imagine my trepidation when first listening to this CD. The duo consists of the brothers Ben and Tom Page, who between them play synthesisers, electronics, drums and percussion. I believe they have more players on stage for life shows, where they perform in front of the visuals of Justin Badhand, and are making themselves a good name for their live shows. Stripped of a visual counterpoint, the music is not as I feared. It is highly rhythmic, and although unlikely to appeal much to people who think Ronan Keating is a musical adventurer, there is much to like and admire here. From the opener Cretin with its insidious throbbing keyboard sounds, to Doodlebug, which at times sound like a private conversation between a drum kit and a Mobile Phone, to the xylophone sounds that decorate Rene (Forgive me) or the seeming drum duet of Pages, there is something for people who like their Jazz to be brooding, or their brooding music to be Jazz.