Being the lowly music appreciator that I am, I tend to listen to a lot of music, whether it be from the links I'm sent, CD's, EP's and singles, all expecting me to give my two cents about them (in the nicest possible way.) Honestly? Most of it is mediocre or shamelessly poor although every now and then a glint of light shines through and makes its merry way to my playlist which will remain there forever. A glint of light doesn't begin to describe Rodeo Massacre, they blind me.

I'm happy I have the new album If You Can't Smoke Em', Sell Em', because if I just had the single or EP I would be clawing the walls like an aching junkie needing more. I always try my best not to group everyone together and compare artists to one another, but If I had, to and you were the pigeon hole police standing at my door I would say imagine if The Jefferson Airplane and The Raconteurs had a supergroup (for this listen to 'Heaven or Hell'). From the Grace Slick/Janis Joplin/Patti Smith yelps and moans to the mariachi trumpets this is a group that are going to be climbing the cool charts in 2011. With reverb laden 12 string guitars, screaming Hammond organ and powerful vocals this is a record that is going to push them into the mainstream as, shock horror, they have massive songs with hooks and chorus's as well.

I have listened to the record in its entirety 4-5 times now in a row to make sure I'm not making some grave rash decision but it stands up. Its fucking brilliant. The songwriting is top notch, the musicianship and production fits perfectly and even the flute playing which borders being from Ian Anderson licks to Ron Burgundy on occasion but still doesn't outstay its welcome, especially on the psych cover of Alice Coopers 'I'm Eighteen' which sounds like they could have written it, instead of the other way around.

There are a lot of bands trying to "do" the 60s thing and more the late 60's. This is genuine appreciation and homage without being pastiche or simple imitation as they sound like themselves and that's a good thing.

Rodeo Massacre are a London 3 piece who will be touring in 2011 and I for one will be making the pilgrimage to see up close, although as a 3 piece I'm interested in how they are going to create the sound live. For those of you who haven't tuned in, turned on and dropped out I advise you to follow the white rabbit and dive into wonderland feet first.