After watching Carmen the other night, it was a pleasure to reconnect with my punk rock roots, courtesy of Rolo Tomassi and Throats...

Rolo Tomassi w/ Throats

2nd October

Fuzz Club

University of Sheffield Students’ Union

By Tom Bage

Students, as everyone knows, are a jammy bunch. Who else can roll out of bed at 4pm, head down to a subsidised bar, have three pints of lager and see two of Britain’s best young bands, all for less than a tenner? Not many by my calculation – which surely makes attendees at Thursday night’s Fuzz Club rich in luck and judgement, if not disposable income.

Some massive bands have played at Fuzz – The Kooks and The Killers visited in years gone by – and whilst neither Throats or Rolo Tomassi are going to be bothering the Top 10 anytime soon, there is a buzz about both in the punk and metal scenes.

Throats play the sort of face-meltingly intense hardcore that isn’t really heard; it’s felt. In a lesser band, the coruscating vocals would overpower everything, but the weight and crispness of the two-guitar attack balanced the London band’s sound perfectly.

With the audience left suitably shell-shocked by a stunning performance, Rolo Tomassi strode on to their hometown stage. Their debut album Hysterics has been receiving rave reviews and the Sheffield five-piece wasted no time at all in proving that music critics do occasionally get things right.

This band might look diminutive, but their threshing-machine punk was has won over a legion of fans for a reason; Nintendo-inspired synths duel with intricate guitar work, and singer Eva Spence can switch from melody to eye-wateringly raw aggression without skipping a beat.

I Love Turbulence and Abraxas were greeted with roars of approval, and the band collided with amps, instruments and each other as they tore through a near-flawless set.

On this form it’s hard to see Throats or Rolo Tomassi staying under the radar for much longer. Judging from the smiles and nods of approval from the crowd, these are two acts that Sheffield’s students won’t mind following out of the confines of the union bar and into a whole world of success.