Artist: Rose Kemp Album: Unholy Majesty Release Date:  Label: One Little Indian Link: Welcome to my track by track run down of Rose Kemp's latest release Unholy Majesty Dirt Glow: Initially it started off really slowly, which is usually something i would be against as i always feel you should blow away your listener as fast as possible but Kemp soon brings it back with some of the finest riffs i've heard since i last listened to 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath'. Good opener! Nanny's World: I first heard this song a few months back so hearing it again brought that huge smile back to my face. It's a very accessible song which embodies pretty much the album into just over three minutes. Bitter And Sweet: A classic love song riddled with despair which is mirrored in the Boris sounding down-tempo sludge rock but with a more prog-rock feel. An amazing bridge section really showcases her great vocals as she sings "How could i neglect the spoiled running make-up under your sunglasses because it was never there". Flawless: A great piano backed song which shows off her Folk inspiration more than any other on the record. A stroke of genius to have something like this on the record because it seperates her away from anyone else doing the same sort of music. Very haunting and also very beautiful. Saturday Night: After the ballad in 'Flawless' i was expecting Kemp to go full out on the next track to create some contrast but instead we get treated to a fairly slow song that only really gets heavy in its final breath. Shame really because it's not necessarily a bad song. Nature's Hymn: For me this song just doesn't feel right because it doesn't really fit in with what's around it. The electronic buzz doesnt really work and just comes off as a bit of a poor demo song. The harmonies are pretty good though.  Wholeness Sounds: After a few average sounding songs Kemp bring it right back with 'Wholeness Sounds'. Admittedly it starts off just as slow as the previous three songs, she bring in a riff so brutal and perfect it kind of makes up for the slow build. One of my highlights. Vacancies: This song had so much promise but kinda wavered in between being boring but brilliant as well. I'm not sure i can say much more than that really. Milky White: This is the song that made me fall back in love with the record. Kemp's voice is just immense in every way, especially when she sings "Wax the silent shine off of these walls". It's short and sweet. The Unholy: The last song on the record sees Kemp throw everything she has into the mix with her Led Zeppelin influence shining through the most. A great and fitting end to the album. Verdict: As much as it gets a bit disappointing near the middle section i still feel this is a record that Kemp should be proud of. It's by far one of the best and most accessible metal/folk/rock (if you like to pigeon hole) albums i've heard in quite some time. Not perfect but good enough for me to recommend you all checking her out.    Rating: 7/10