2013 has been the year we've seen R&B and soul come back in a massive way. London's Rosie Lowe is riding the crest of that wave, peddling a darkly futuristic brand of the genre on her debut EP Right Thing, utilising sumptuous production from kwes. and Dave Okumu to enhance her formidable vocal assets. Up-and-coming R&B musicians are a dime a dozen these days, but Rosie Lowe has no issues with setting herself apart from the flock.

'Me & Your Ghost' gradually fades into being via sampled coos and James Blake keys. Amongst the sparse sonic shrubbery, Lowe appears, heralding the arrival of glitch-hop beats and Disclosure-y jitters. It flickers and jerks like a TV on the fritz, but Lowe's silver pipes remain crystalline in spite of the calamitous noises around her. Chimes á la Laura Mvula and even some surreptitious brass tones creep in for the climax, but the focus remains firmly on the power of the vocals. Similarly arranged, '10K Balloons' uses sparse instrumentation to highlight the impressive vox of Lowe, although this time R&B takes a backseat in favour of quasi-folk crooning. Spanish guitars and throbbing sub-bass merge with handclaps and synth strings for an anthemic, chamber-soul feel.

'Games' is arguably the standout effort of these four tracks (though it's a tight race). kwes.' signature urban-decay tones congeal with vaguely tropical guitars and keys; there's a tinge of Solange on display. It's super-sleek, misty-eyed and sultry like Sunday evening. Lowe's scope doesn't shift much over the course of the EP, and rather than doing a variety of styles she just nails the one genre, but here on 'Games' she proves that '80s pop is a weapon in her arsenal too.

Rosie Lowe's future isn't in any doubt. 2014 is to be a big year for her. This debut is primed to showcase her talents; it's primarily a pedestal for her wares, with kwes. and Okumu, by collaborating, giving a mighty thumbs up – which is a valuable vote of confidence for a burgeoning artist. It's a wonderful portfolio she's assembled here, and is able to woo many a prospective fan with ease. A glistening first stride.