Canadian beat-maker and overall dreamboat Ryan Hemsworth has finally released his eagerly anticipated debut EP Still Awake, available for free download via his website. Full of cloud-clap synths, chattery vocal samples and lush chord progressions, the seven-track EP is a colourful insight into the cloud atlas mind of the hottest producer around right now.

Still Awake opens on a calming melody awash with rain sound effects and hazy synths. The first track 'Empty Thoughts Over A Shallow Sea' meanders through rising and falling currents of beat, combining uplifting melodies with underwater howls and dreamy trills. Hemsworth also introduces small repeated ticks and trembling inaudible vocals which dip and fade throughout the track, creating this euphoric little gem of a opener.

The following track 'Perfectly' is undoubtably the most 'house' track on the EP. Vocal sequences are repeated within elevating synth patterns, all combined within a steady mixable beat. Continuously clever track titles such as 'track 5 (crashed)' and the brilliant '(。◕‿◕。) (or, I Want To Stare At Your Face Until I Die)' are also cute touches to the EP, giving us a further insight into Hemsworth's creativity as a producer.

The final track on the EP is Japanese producer Taquwami's remix of 'Perfectly'. The remix shifts and layers to precision, chopping up vocals and re-working them to create a 'perfect' reprise of the original track.

Hemsworth's chirpy online persona and infectious melodies give each of his tracks an Emoticon stamp of emotion. The progression and weight of each track, along with infusions of J-Pop within the musicianship remind of a modern Studio Ghibli soundtrack, evoking gargantuan emotions through tiny fragments of sound.

Overall, Hemsworth's production has an effortless charm and infectious trait that is pretty hard to fault. His remix work for the likes of Rhye, Diplo and Grimes, along with countless sessions for The Boiler Room have proven his salt as a multi-talented producer, and overall beat boy-wizard. We suggest you check out his NYC Boiler Room set alongside A$AP Rocky here.