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Making music can be a difficult and challenging task at the best of times, yet when the two musicians involved actually live around 400 miles away from one another, it's a miracle that any music is made at all. The ability to overcome the distance hurdle is only feat number one for Sacred Paws. The Glasgow/London duo have much more up their sleeve. Having come together through the creative indie group Golden Grrrls, Rachel Aggs and Eidilh Rodgers initially started working together as an excuse to keep in contact, but as 6 Songs shows, their partnership became much more than that.

6 Songs is an EP that is brimming with vibrant creativity and ideas. From opening track 'I Wonder' to the close, you are pummelled with exotic, tightly-packed guitar riffs that jump across jagged ended drum beats. Taking a lot of inspiration from north African polyrhythms, then pumping them forward with an exciting pop feel that runs through the very core of their exasperatingly energetic sound.

Everything about this stunning 6 track EP makes you think about summer and festivals and all the things that come with basking in the sun. The entwining, bouncing riffs that rumble through 'San Diego' and 'Vince' seem to emit their own warmth, as Aggs and Rodgers' voices jangle against one another in call and response. The songs are constructed in a way that is at once unconventional and surprising but also inviting and exciting. It feels like the whole thing could fall apart at any second - such is the way that melodies sit - it's a constant delicate balance to prevent the whole thing from slipping apart at the seams, but it's that driving power to keep up with themselves that makes it simply blissful listening.

The sheer pace of 6 Songs never slackens, and even with closing track 'Ice Pop' and its softly spoken vocals that glide together, there's still Rodgers' pounding syncopated and unpredictable drumming patterns. It must be said, however, that if it's variety that you're after, you're not going to get it with Sacred Paws. They have a formula, they know what they are good at, and they stick with it throughout the whole of the EP. The same driving pace continues through every track, and you always know what you're getting. However, 6 Songs remains to be an exciting and refreshing work that will fully prepare you for the upcoming festival season.

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