Label: Sonic Cathedral Release date: 06/09/10 Link: Myspace Buy/Stream Amazon /Spotify Swedish indie-poppers Sad Day For Puppets have returned with the follow up album to their 2009 debut, Unknown Colors. Pale Silver & Shiny Gold sees the band carry on largely where they left off, their C86 hearts still firmly planted on their sleeves and their eyes still firmly gazing at their shoes. Much like their contemporaries, Brooklyn’s Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Sad Day For Puppets craft upbeat guitar pop drenched in reverb, taking from the traditions of bands such as Tallulah Gosh, the Shop Assistants and ‘Velocity Girl’-era Primal Scream as well as My Bloody Valentine and Jesus and Mary Chain. Pale Silver & Shiny Gold doesn’t stray too much from the template. Album opener ‘Sorrow, Sorrow’ has a classic C86 sound, quite 60’s in a jangly, Byrds-y way, with singer Anna Eklund joined on vocal duty by her sister, Annika. ‘Such A Waste’ and ‘Shadows’ recall early single ‘Marble Gods’, indie-pop to seriously bounce around to. ‘Touch’ is a bit of a highlight, kicking off with some seriously overdriven guitar, whilst Eklund’s vocals are strongly reminiscent of fellow Swedes the Concretes’ erstwhile singer, Victoria Bergsman. ‘Monster & The Beast’ is more of a moody affair, and the band get pretty mellow on tracks ‘First Time’ and album closer ‘Tingle In My Hand’. ‘Beads’ is a pleasant surprise, and also pretty unexpected, as it eschews the amplified guitar for the acoustic, and comes with an almost folky melody. Pale Silver & Shiny Gold is a decent indie-pop album, though not a radical departure from Sad Day For Puppets’ earlier efforts. That said, there are enough nuances, especially with the acoustic track ‘Beads’, to suggest that the band have it in them to break free from the spectre of Kevin Shields and co should they desire to. Photobucket