When I first spoke to Saint Saviour [aka Becky Jones] in October of last year, she was working like a dog to get her solo music heard. Not to be underestimated, you would have heard her haunting vocals on Grove Armada's 'Black Light', but she was relatively unknown as a solo artist. She was working on her debut album, and struggling to get signed. Unbelievable when you think of the talent this woman can project on and off the stage.

A vocal coach and session singer by trade, her vocal range and style is not dissimilar to Kate Bush, and yet, she had never actually listened to Kate growing up. She found little joy [or work] in the session business, so decided to bite the bullet and start writing her own music. Move forward 8 months and with the help of Pledge Music – a site that lets fan fund albums for their favourite artists, her debut album Union is here. And It was worth the wait. The donations are still flooding into the site, and the pledges are still coming for anything from signed posters to a personal gig in a venue of your choice. This might give you an idea of how loyal her fan base is. What Saint Saviour has to offer is worth every penny.

Union is bursting with new tracks as you would expect, each of them very different from the last. Saint Saviour definitely has her own unique sound, and you can recognise it a mile away, but do not be fooled into thinking this is an album of songs that follow the same vein. You can hear every eclectic influence she has in each song. Some favourites of mine have been included, such as 'This Ain’t No Hymn' and 'Fallen Trees' but really this album is about her new work.

'I Call This Home’ the first single off the album is a perfect introduction. Pop influenced, but without the cheese. 'Jennifer' another one of my favourites is probably one of the most atmospheric songs I've heard in a while. 'Domino' is an uplifting multilayered track, that reminds me somewhat of previous Japanese influenced track 'Red Sun' and 'Dreamtime' is a gorgeous tidal wave of a song that is one of the highlights of the whole album. It is her voice that really brings the whole thing together. With an astonishing vocal range, and a purity to it that transcends most of her contemporary female vocalists in the industry, Saint Saviour is like a breath of fresh air in a stagnant land.

Union is the album we all need in this industry at the moment. It represents a different way of doing things. An ability to get your music heard without going down the usual routes of the business. Also hope for those who are truly talented, but are yet to be picked up by a record label. Becky Jones is finally being heard, and it is about time people took notice.