Sam Beam had been wanting to make a duets album for some time, but was never able to find the right voice, that is, until he came across the music of Jesca Hoop. After listening to her debut Kismet, he reached out and they soon began working on Love Letter for Fire.

Having never shared songwriting responsibility before and despite their differences in styles, the arrangement turns out to be a complementary one. Highlights 'We Two Are a Moon', 'Every Songbird Says', and 'Valley Clouds' in particular underscore not only the shared chemistry between the two, but also that of the band Beam assembled for the sessions which features Rob Burger, Sebastian Steinberg, Teddy Rankin-Parker, Eyvind Kang, and Glenn Kotch.

Despite none of the musicians having worked together before, they mesh perfectly and turn out gorgeous country-folk tinged music that, even at its most lush, retains a stripped-down and intimate feel. The result is an album that pays proper respect to some of the classic duets Beam grew up loving while also hinting at a promising partnership between he and Hoop.