Label: Dramatico Records Release date: 10/08/10 Link: Myspace Buy: Amazon Sydney born Sarah Blasko is virtually unknown in the UK despite having two top ten selling solo albums in her own country and collected 'Best Pop Release' and 'Best Female Artist' at the ARIA Music Awards, Australia's version of the Brits. As Day Follows Night was released in Australia over a year ago but it is only just arriving to the UK thirteen months later. The thirty three year old has a vulnerable yet enchanting voice that fits well with her heartfelt folk pop songs. The record has honesty written all over it as it is the first work released without input of her former partner Cranny who she also used to write with. The break-up of her marriage with Cranny affected the outcome of this record which she used as therapy in dealing with the split. Without the talents of her former writing partner it meant the record lacked the complexity of her earlier work, in the music sense but her lyrics are deeper than ever and the songs feel more natural. Stand out tracks include single, ‘All I Want’ is bolder than a lot of the other tracks that is added with eery noises that emphasize the mood of the track. ‘Hold On My Heart’ is the most lively on the album with a bouncy beat before going into the rhythmic drumming of ‘We Won't Run’ where the singer users her vulnerability to her advantage with this emotional track. ‘Is My Baby Yours’ is the most annoying song on As Day Follows Night but it is followed by the dreamy ‘Sleeper Awake’ which melts in the mouth. ‘No Turning Back’ has a marching feel to it as escapism is on the writers mind. The album is dark in places but it used in a way that positivity will shine through in the end. Photobucket