OK, I'll admit I picked this album off the top of the stack first as I loved the cover. For those unfamiliar with this still pretty underground duo, Satelliti is the Italian duo of Marco Dalle Luche on keyboards and Andrea Polato on drums who formed in Bolzano and have been making music together since 2010. This is not their first release, their previous album Im Magen des Kosmos was incredibly promising because it was so obviously made by two talented musicians. For this reason (and that great album cover) I was excited to find out whether Satelliti was equally as exploratory and hard to pin down as these musician's previous work.

Ominous, sporadic and constantly evolving with one foot firmly planted at its core of rough tongued synths and squealing piggy jazz guitars this album flows and converges. There a sense of opposing forces, dancing around each other fighting for centre stage leaving roughed up as each beat takes you by surprise. And I love it.

With similarities to Squarepusher's Jazz albums, it makes you rethink what can be done with music and still keep a rhythm without being turned into textures like Autechre, or pure electronica marching on until dawn. With each electronic rhythm putting me in mind of being six playing a Mega Drive with its fast, grinding, panicky "Boss-Battle" beats (Young Wolf, Bright Tunnel, Transister) that slow to ethereal moments with flickering guitars and keys dotted around the edges ('Espirit de Corps', 'Little Princess') which can be likened to the duality of Clark with his claustrophobic sound that echoes in a massive space around you. Satelliti twitches and convulses, and makes you twitch along with it.

The album ends with a duo of tracks that sum up the album as a whole extremely well. The penultimate track, 'Little Princes's, sways and slurs at you with quick flourishes of drums and far off animal-like wails. This leads into 'Transister', which is the encore that the crowd will always remember with harsh synths and plodding drums that resonate deep in you. Just as you get comfortable, it switches it up, knocks you down and sticks you back where you started with your adrenaline going, and it does this over and over. On each listen you can pick out extra layers that just add more to the overall soundscape, this is surely an album that grabs you at first and continues to grow on you with every listen.