Label: Cantora Records Release date: Out now! Website: Savoir Adore Myspace Savoir Adore’s debut album In The Wooded Forest is a delicious, unique pop LP that doesn't take itself too seriously but takes what it does very seriously indeed. This is an album so unpretentious, so deceptively simple in execution yet possessed of a certain quality that it deserves to be adored. We Talk Like Machines has been on repeat in my head since I first heard it about a year ago. It’s a pop song; but the synth swirls that can only legitimately be described as magical, the melody that almost sounds like its resigned to being unnervingly catchy and the bridge that ends in a perfect double cadence before rejigging back into a chorus sung with a little more gusto is so close to perfection it has almost moved me to tears on at least one occasion. No faint praise, but can the remainder of the album stand up to such dizzying heights? The answer, I’m not afraid to admit, is a categorical yes. We all have our own sense of melody yet I doubt that many could resist the charms of Savoir Adore’s. The hooks are pitched so well as to feel both delicate and spider-silk-strong. Suddenly a funk is upon us! MERP proves at the sweetest juncture that the Brooklyn duo are capable of a little calculated rowdiness, and then Sarah’s Secret almost shamefully gorgeous wurlitzer (or close) backing to epic sci-fi synths and double-tracked female vox heads straight for the shoegaze partition. That following track The Wooded Forest’s dramatic bass hits laid over euro-trance gives way to a track so innocent, naive and fun, is wonderfully jarring. Layers, textures, rhythms, dynamics; Bodies demonstrates SA's lo-fi aptitude with them all. Distorted guitars ripple under a steady cascade of rim-shots, percussion and a build-up bridge-gap that lays rhythm upon rhythm before stripping down briskly to sweetly sung vocals and sparse organ is handled oh-so deftly. Savoir Adore might not paint with the broadest electro-tinged pop palette but they have an uncommonly sound understanding of complementary textures and harmony; every track could potentially be a favourite. Savoire Adore bear perfect testimony that despite the more massive than ever influx of new music sometimes all you need to stand out is consistent pop brilliance. Rating: 9.5/10