Label: El Rancho Records Release date: 05/04/10 Website: Myspace Scottish four-piece Schnapps deliver a debut with a confidence and verve that has to be admired. Marching under the dubious banner of “Grundie” (or Grunge Indie), Schnapps play jittery indie-pop with a spiky garage ethic, coming across as a less self indulgent White Denim or a more structured Wavves. ‘Crossdresser’ starts with a high pitched guitar line that could descend in any pool of grey indie-pop sludge, but an excitable drummer and insistent guitar line meet a vocal seeming both disinterested and wired to pull the song dramatically from the squalor. “I want to go where the girls go, where the girls go, where the girls go!” seem fairly standard lyrics at first glance, but the transvestite twist makes for an amusing and witty song, propelled along at a rate barely seen since White Denim’s classic ‘Let’s Talk About’. Second track ‘More to Life Than Peach’ is a slower, less immediate track. Demonstrating only two songs in that Schnapps are no one-trick-ponies, it has a summertime feel without shoving ice-cream and sandals in your face like some summertime songs do. It manages this uplifting vibe despite being not particularly happy in subject, with refrains of “Stop acting like you’re free” almost mocking the simple and enjoyable guitar line. After a breakdown in the previous track sounding oddly like a twist on Primal Scream’s ‘Pills’, this song manages a synth break complete with a line not dissimilar to Metallica’s ‘I Disappear’ riff. It remains to be seen if Schnapps have merely entered the fray swathed with beginners luck or whether they can carry this energy and pop nous through album after album. But as one of the more tuneful and memorable acts in the ever popular fuzzy garage pop scene, I wouldn’t bet against them slotting in nicely alongside the likes of Male Bonding or Vivian Girls, bands they’ve already supported. From these two tracks alone, as brash as it may seem, I would suggest Schnapps show potential to make a truly unmissable track. As for these, the first steps in that journey, they are assured and exciting strides indeed. Photobucket