3 parts scuzzy garage rock, 1 part filthy indie, 1 part twisted grunge and 4 parts spiky Scottish attitude, Schnapps are to the Syco-ridden Top 40 what Beelzebub is to Catholicism and offer a perfect antidote to the predictable and polished shite currently dominating our airwaves and screens.

The band - Leo Blamire (guitar), Gary MacLennan (drums), Glenn Howard (bass) and Jnr Crawford (vocals) – have posed for photos tucking into a buffet that actually doesn't look that nasty (wotsits, hot dogs, spaghetti hoops, doughnuts and inexplicably, a slice of watermelon) and promised a dodgy sounding 'buffet in a bag' to the first 50 people at a recent single launch. Staking their place as first class Michelin Guide dropouts but more importantly a rip-roaring fun band, its clear that Schnapps dont take themselves too seriously.

Sounding like it was captured on a six track in a grimy lock-up in deepest darkest Govan with only Buckfast and Richmond Superkings for sustenance, the Glasgow act's debut album Nasty Buffet out now on Crawford's El Rancho label is a messy collection of fast and furious punk tracks and hybrid alt-rock songs that makes for a brilliant aural roller-coaster ride.

Recorded in three days straight, the nine track release tears through raw basement rock n roll numbers like scream-heavy 'Ice Cream', 'Crossdresser' (“I wanna go where the girls go, where the girls go”), riotous track 'Lips' and the pop punk of 'No Contact'.

'Get Back On It' is a searing tumble through Stooges' style garage rock with a killer chorus and surprising harmonica laden half-speed bridge demonstrating lethargic excursions into grunge territory – both 'Walk Faster' and 'Lazy Fish' have an early Nirvana feel thanks to pared down opening bars and a very familiar riff and melody respectively providing a perfect foil for Crawford's pseudo American drawl.

Nasty Buffet isn't the most immaculate sounding album you'll hear this year, but there is something very charismatic about this band's old school approach to making dont-give-a-fuck music. Schnapps have to date opened for Vivian Girls, Wavves and White Denim to date, and by coming across like a drunken, warped Kings of Leon meets New York Dolls in their own wee special way, it's pretty likely this four-piece might be hanging off ceiling beams and drum risers at a venue near you very soon. Doggy bags at the ready!