The MoHo Live club at the heart of Manchester was sparely populated on a cold and dreary Thursday night, but Scholars commanded absolute attention of those present from word go.  The band hail from in and around London, and have only recently solidified the current line up after a long series of reformations with Drummer Mike and bassist Chris at the core.  Yet, Scholars are nevertheless tight, passionate and bloody cool. Set opener Time To Fly, revamped since its initial conception in a prior line up, is definite future-single material.  The Scholars sound is familiar but not cloying, and I take great delight in coining a new genre whilst brazenly championing Scholars as heralds; welcome to erudite hyper-pop.  With pastel coloured tees matching converse, all wearing black jeans and no shortage of sight-impairing haircuts, you might, at a glance, be forgiven for mistaking Scholars as a boy-band of sorts, but mistake ye not.  Whilst I am in no position to verify their academic heritage, I can certainly attest to their songs. Catchy choruses, groove-laden verses and the added boon of a three-man rhythm section who can all sing are a good start. Frequent rockouts are gratifying but not gratuitous, and front-man Sam is not only a confident and capable singer, but he can play a keyboard.  I hesitate to say the band are greater than the sum of their parts because I’m no algebraist and the constituent parts are pretty strong as they are, but it is obvious that, young current line-up aside, Scholars benefit from previous experience and are in a great place right now. There are however, elements missing that would launch Scholars onto the right level to have serious notice taken of them.  The pace of their set is unrelenting and to good effect, but with standout tracks such as Recovery Monday and Tornadoes comes others in the same vein that complement but can’t compete.  A more emphasised shift of dynamics, by song, would highlight and punctuate the more frenetic songs of the set.  The momentum was carefully maintained, but greater care to the keyboard levels in between songs would not have offended, and it’s always a shame when sound issues remove something from the full equation. Scholars have a few shows lined up, but room in their schedule and hearts for plenty more.  I hesitate to hype, but I’d be a liar and a charlatan if I didn’t articulate what these four colour-coded lads are capable of with a continued dedication to interesting song writing, a little more variety and plenty of momentum. Website: