Venue: Norwich Arts Center Support Bands: Telepathe Date: 12/05/09 Photos By: Lewis Gibbs ...and I got a parking ticket, which, on top of the ominous and slightly inconsolable annoyance of the thought that I will have to be awakening at 4.30 the next morn to work, I should have been rather more peeved. But as it was, a feeling of content adorned my mind as I had just witnessed a most incredible performance by School Of Seven Bells. -two hours earlier- I park outside the Arts Center, having arrived a little late, thinking, 'wow, what a great parking space, yoink! mine!'. I proceeded into the venue with a conceited and somewhat dapper saunter when the last zephyr of a melody rang out in the main hall. Sound check completed. As we filter into the atmospherically auric old church, into a room with sky bound ceilings and towering pillars, and laden with incredible acoustics, I was left in wonderment as to what to expect. I had only heard SOSB on CD and had never heard of Telepathe. I was in for a great night! Telepathe, a duet comprised of two Brooklyn based music adepts, Busy Gangnes and Melissa Livaudais, quietly and surreptitiously came upon the stage and took their places behind a desk of synths and electric whatnots, seemingly to begin a sermon upon the stage in place of a pulpit within the old church's nave. They had a slightly shaky start consisting of the booting up of their laptop but saw to it that this would not hinder the rest of their set. With an expelling of electronica and beats that moved not only the crowd, but the church itself, Telepathe energised a slightly morose room, calling for the expanse of space at the front to be filled whilst conjuring music that one can't help but move to. Their 30 minute set was an epic warm up to the headline act of the eve. School Of Seven Bells, consisting of Alejandra & Claudia Deheza formerly of On! Air! Library!, and ex-Secret machines guitarist Benjamin Curtis, opened their set with Iamundernodisuguise from their recently released debut album Alpinisms. Throughout, the ethereal and intoxicating harmonising vocals from Alejandra and Claudia echoed out towards the crowd with a vigour that demanded attention, accompanied by Benjamin's guitar based braggadocio overtones, rightly earned, mind. I wasn't sure at the beginning of what to expect, but as the second song absconded from the speakers I was sure it was nothing less than awesome! As tracks from their album appeared and went I was left enraptured and enchanted by the Deheza sisters' vocal, what I can only describe as, lullabies, juxtaposing the hard hitting edge of the beats and synthesised cadence erupting from their fingertips. I was there to take photo's, though I retired earlier than I probably should have just to experience the music being played in front of my ears. Music that cannot be felt through a lens, but one's complete consideration. Worth seeing... Yes!! Absolutely... Worth the parking ticket... Unsure. I wouldn't pay £30 to see them again but the feeling I left with more than overpowered my annoyance at having parked in a loading bay! Figured that out a little too late... Check them both out at their respective myspace sites below... School Of Seven Bells Telepathe