Scott Matthews used to be at the forefront of the plethora of singer-songwriters that came through back in 07. And for good reason, debut album Passing Stranger was sublime. He followed it up earlier this year with Elsewhere, and it was something of a disappointing. New single Into The Firing Line is exactly why. He's found himself very much in the middle of the road. His Novello winning form is nowhere to be seen. This non-entity of a pound-along is nowhere near his potential. His voice doesn't shine as we know it can, there are no intricate guitar parts. It's all very, well, blunt. Bluntly strummed along, bluntly kept beats and just bluntly average. A cover of Bob Marley's Is This Love shows how good this Midlander can be. His soothing vocals hover above sparse and delicate guitar parts like no-one else can get near to. It's utterly stunning. It's on moments like this the Buckley elements shine beautifully through as well as his unmatched technical ability on an acoustic. Into The Firing Line though falls shorter than a man of his talents should. Hopefully this blip is going to be a short one, or hopefully he'll recognise where he is best.