Label: ANTI Release Date: Today Link: Don't you just hate it when you find come across a band that obviously has talent and you go on to find out that they've only been up and running for a year? I certainly do. My hatred aside, the latest double A side single from Liverpool based Screaming Lights is quite the monster. The first track, 'GMN', is what I imagine a fight between The Editors and a club NME night might sound like. It's synth-dance-euphoric-indie to the highest degree and it certainly pushes all the right buttons, but every time I hear it I can help but think it's all done before.  Sure, most music these days has been done before but It's certainly not the best impression to have linger in your mind. The second track, 'Glow' starts farily slow but end up being quite a good song. It's got a very dancey-indie madchester vibe, which would usually have me reaching for the off button, but oddly enough I don't hate it. I think the way they build the song up to create intrest works damn well and although initially 'GMN' was my favourite of the two songs, 'Glow' has come from nowhere to take the crown. Rating: 6/10