Label: Static Caravan Release date: 24/05/10 Link: Wordpress Seahawks are two people that love music and the planet. Now that could mean we get 28 minute epics lathered in stupid lyrics and drum solos. Luckily, this is not the case. Seahawks are devoted to creating organic sounds but embrace electronic sounds and samplers to do so; creating music that sounds like it’s from a very cool sci-fi sound track. First side ‘High Tides’ opens up slowly into a pulsing rhythm with beautiful layers of texture and depth that sounds like Panda Bear on psychedelic drugs. It’s a great song but it sounds a bit short; it’s 3 minutes long but because it doesn’t allow itself the time to really explore it’s sounds it creates and so ends up sounding like an interlude – it builds up so well but then stops rather than pushing on and creating an epic. If there ever was a track I wanted to hear a Lindstrom/ Prins Thomas remix of, it’s this one. Second side ‘Astral Winds' again has the textures and organic feel to it, opening into a beautifully sequenced and produced track not dissimilar to Blackbelt Anderson or Lindstrom’s sounds, albeit a lot shorter. Again the tracks limit themselves far too much, and these songs need the time and space to grow and expand, because these tracks are fantastic, but have so much potential for exploration. To get a good feel for the music, try their Wordpress, they aim to post a new track every Friday on it. Brilliant single by a band that needs to be signed to Full Pupp pronto. Photobucket