Italian Beach Babes have got a reputation for releasing some of the best heavier, well crafted lo-fi indie music to come out of the UK, and they don't disappoint here. With Sealings' first forage into vinyl, they've outdone themselves again, not least because the intensity of Sealings' live show seemed impossible to translate onto record.

If you're from Brighton you've probably seen Sealing support a band. They gig regularly and for good reason – they've got an intensity to their music that's irresistible live. The trio take the stage, play wall of sound, infectious cacophony for 15 minutes then retire to allow the crowd to start to regain their hearing. While that's undeniably fun and great, the problem is getting something cohesive on record.

Which they've done, and done well. The songs all sound perfect, and turning up the speakers to the level that pisses off the rest of my flat makes it sound even better. It's loud music, made loud and designed to play at full volume. 'Face Basement', which is also a free download, is especially testament to this.

The whole 6 track EP goes as fast as it can, sounding like the soundtrack of one of those documentaries of music scenes you wish you were in. 'Quiggers Pure Indie' is a noisy, overdriven lethargic metal touched track, while 'Punk Perv' sounds like a found cassette of your favourite college band from the 90's and 'Animal Man' sounds like The Cramps covering Joy Division.

Boil down Dinosaur Jr until you're just left with J Mascis' glasses and a pile of bones then grind that all down to a powder and feed it to Todd then leave them in a cabin in the woods with an ounce of pot and they'll create something akin to this. Can't recommend highly enough.