A couple of years ago Seams released a skilfully produced little jam by the name of 'Nightcycles'. Now SoundCloud's very own Jami Welch is signed to Full Time Hobby and has a double header EP entitled Sleeper/Tourist to thrust upon us.

Starting with close to seven minutes of conversations, cut beats and wobbles building layer by layer before sinking into a slow melody again, opener 'Hung Markets' gives a great indication of what we can expect. 'Carnival' follows in much the same vein, but it is third track 'Nachtmusik' that stands out on the Tourist EP half of the release. Again he has a skill at building the sound with quick well polished samples, before a sudden drop in pace for the last 30 seconds. 'Platz', The final track from the Tourist half, continues along the theme of background conversations and adds brushed drums to the electronic sound of the first three tracks.

The newer tracks come in the second half of the record. The Sleeper half. 'The Glow' takes a little while to get going and doesn't seem to have the layering I've mentioned as being so impressive in his earlier work. As it closes it becomes a little confused, but all is forgiven 'Potential'. Here we have minimlistic wonky basslines, which perhaps weren't so evident on the first half of the EP. With the BPM upped, 'Punch' sweeps along before a sudden change in direction brings a certain credible cheesiness that works so well.

Final closer 'The Long Wait' feels like it could be ideas and sounds that Seams wanted to include in 'Potential' but decided they didn't quite fit. He's slowed it down but there are familiarities. That's until we get a couple of minutes in and the track, like so often in this record, takes a brand new direction while keeping the same beat somewhere in the back. Lovely stuff.

Seams' knob-twiddling is sounding as fresh as two years ago, and this is a superb showcase of his skills.