Secret Cites are a trio who describe themselves as Electroacoustic, Emotronic and Psychedelic. Started by female MJ Parker and male Charlie Goker, the duo began to build records based on their psychedelic interests. They later brought in Alex Abnos who helped to create their debut album, Pink Graffiti. Strange Hearts is the follow up to this.

So you walk onto the beach, on a spectacular mid-summer day. The sun is blaring down creating a reflection into the never-ending clear blue sea. That’s the feeling you get when you listen to 'Always Friends'. Whistling layers with high-pitched guitar riffs create a near perfect summer anthem, a great way to start the record.

Fittingly named 'Ice Cream Scene', 'The Park' and 'Pebbles' all follow suit. Carrying on with the summer vibe that is created during this overall record, they all have the similar format, of quite repetitive verses and a catchy chorus. On their own, the tracks work but during a full listen of Strange Hearts; they seem to make a blend, which in the end becomes quite monotonous.

Squeezed into this summer blend is the high-tempo, uplifting 'No Pressure' and 'Love Crime'. 'Love Crime' is a harmonious piece of genius, incorporating elements of sadness with a positive up beat rhythm.

'Strange Hearts', the album title track is another standard album track, fitting with the earlier format. Dreary tones combine with a mixture of harmonies, which create a fairly simple, easy listening song. The most down beat song on the album, 'Brief Encounter', uses the mixed harmonies of the trio to create a saddening feeling. Lyrically the best song on the album but however it tends to go against the positive light on the album, making it a stand out track

The album finishes on a positive note, with two rock-infiltrated classic pop songs. The opening guitar notes set the tone to 'Forest Of Love', which takes you to a complete different place to opener, 'Always Friends'. 'Portland' is the final treat on the album. A combination of rhythm guitar and the sweet tones of vocalist (insert name) create a real sense of happiness.

Secret Cites creation, Strange Hearts, is a well-made piece of light rock entwined into a jungle of harmonies, which creates a very good overall album. It could be considered too well made, as the tracks on first listen become quite monotonous, with a samey sound. Yes there is a few 'album tracks' on the record but standouts such as 'Portland', 'Always Friends' and 'Forest Of Love' help to pull the record through.