Label: Cascine Release date: 08/11/10 Link: Myspace Ever wonder what the Smiths would have sounded like if Johnny Marr picked up a Casio rather than a Fender? Selebrities have, and it turns out it’s not as shit as it sounds. Actually, it’s pretty fucking good. Opener to this new EP, ‘Secret Garden’ takes heavily from that sort of wonderful 80’s Smiths sound and OMDs it up a bit, making a lost record from the Factory collection; it’s got those lovely constant drums, the twangly sound of the instruments, the almost shoegazey sound of the instruments combining together to the whole lot of it together. But even better than that, ‘Time’ shows us just what all these lo fi twats are missing. It is a real joy to find people who realise that Galaxie 500 wasn’t just about female vocals and a fuzzy guitar, there’s a certain adroitness in the fuzz that people rarely get or can imitate. Selebrities are one of those few bands that actually get exactly what made the c86 bands co interesting and different, and can reinterpret it. Imagine Pains Of Being Pure At Heart if they played their way through small clubs in London supporting post punk bands. They didn’t, they’re from Brooklyn, so they’re even cooler. It’s a real challenge to make sure that songs that try and sound like they’re from the 80’s don’t do two things: a) become cheesy, b)become overblown. And despite some very mechanic sounding drums and a few tasty synths in ‘The Moonlight‘, Selebrities manage this commendably. A lovely little minimalist ditty this, kind of understated The Cure, or maybe Lush without the excessive reverb. Finally we get to the fourth track on the album, ‘Audition‘, which is tied with the other three for the title of the best song on the EP. It’s a bit more disco-ey, but weirdly, not worse off from it. The opening lyrics even include the words “I thought of crying... My makeup is perfect/ When we dance...” and I’m not put off. This must be what it’s like to like The Human League. Emasculating, yet wholly rewarding, in a kind of shameful way. Simply put, new wonderlabel Cascine have done it again. They’re one of those labels that you can give to people to define what the current underground music scene is. Oh and by the way, download it for free here! Photobucket