Label: Cascine Release date: 22/11/10 Link: Myspace Buy: Amazon In the world of any normal band, singles get released maybe once every few months, maybe a couple of EPs and an album if you’re lucky. In Selebrities’ world, they don’t lay about. After releasing a stunning EP only 2 weeks ago, they saw it fit to gift us with another, equally as stunning, brace of songs. As they did in their Ladies Man Effect EP, they marry the synth of the 80s with the C86 movement to create a hybrid that shouldn’t – but does – work. It’s more of the same only insofar as it’s consistent and as good – it’s far from the same, and each track that lies in my iTunes at the moment sounds individual, different and great. A side ‘We’ve Been Foolish’ is their take of The Human League if they listened to more of The Smiths and The Cure, delivering a killer track that’s destined for dancefloors. Think ‘Higher Than The Stars’ era Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, but with more synth. It’s that same darker side of the 80s sound, but with more of an electronic and effects laden kick. And B side When I Look At You is just as stunning. It’s a bit more Numan-y cold wave, with some funky effects in there to boot. It’s new wave the way more new wave acts should have been back in the day. Yeah, it suffers the same critique as many of the new wave acts do – it’s throwaway stuff, but it’s fucking danceable to. This isn’t music for the purists, this is music for the dancers, the revivalists and the lovers. Goddamn it, Cascine are shaping up to be one hell of a good label. Photobucket