A.J. Haynes began singing in the Brownsville Baptist Church in Columbia when she was just six years old, and the years of honing her voice paid off as it turns out to be one of the dominating forces on Seratones' debut album, Get Gone.

She has a powerful voice that conjures the grit and swagger of a soul singer as the band offers up crunching garage-rock with a Southern sensibility. It's fitting they chose to record live in the studio considering all of the energy and ferocity they put into their music, especially on rippers like 'Sun', 'Trees', and 'Choking On Your Spit'. Even when they bring the tempo down a little like on the bluesy title-track or the gorgeous 'Tide', it does nothing to effect to overall energy of the music. What does effect it oddly enough is the production itself. Despite the live setting, you never get the impression the band are cutting loose with the same ragged spirit that they would in a proper beer and sweat soaked basement gig. And While there isn't anything all that distinct about their approach, none of it deters from the fact that Seratones are making some truly fun music.