Label: 4AD Release date: 22/03/2010 Website: Myspace And Norway strikes again. Four years after their epic debut album, Serena Maneesh are back in the game with N°2 : Abyss In B Minor . As expected, the five shoegazers still fancy complex structures and changing rythms. First track, the seven minutes long ‘Ayisha Abyss’ is full of different themes, going from pure noise to more ethereal moments, before switching to exeprimental a few seconds before ‘I Just Want To See Your Face’, a twisted pop-song. This pattern owns the entire record, as if the band was reluctant to chose a particular style between the aforementioned ones. It works pretty well when they decide to go all rocky (‘Blow Yr Brains In The Morning rain’, ‘Honey Jinx’), but the continual hesitation spoils the fun a little bit, bringing them down to My Bloody Valentine lookalikes (‘Magdalena [Symphony #8]’), while they can obviously express their own identity (‘Reprobate!’). This Abyss is a nice follow-up. One can only regret it’s not deep enough to drag us completely. Photobucket