Ten years is a long time between records, especially between debut and sophomore but when it's as quietly beautiful as The Breadwinner by Shannon Stephens, you can forgive it. Her debut was re-released last year though on Asthmatic Kitty records, the label hosting Sufjan Stevens among others and she was even in one his numerous bands way back in 96. Her soft folk is low key, lazily drifting accompanied by prods of brass until one song politely taps you on the shoulder and utterly enthralls, namely In The Summer In The Heat. The acoustics have the perfect amount of reverb, the melody line and the short lines fit in the same way, perfectly. It's quiveringly special. The slow melancholic backing nudges Stephens' sweet vocals to the front, mainly because the rest sounds sparse and The Breadwinner never really gets to the perfection of In The Summer In The Heat again. More To Speak Of opens her return in impressive style though, it's rigid but wistfully pretty. The Dream contains sporadic brilliance too, instruments take it in turns to peek in just enough to keep you listening. The Most Delicious Hours is a bounding shuffle that pricks up your ears too. Her storytelling folk is almost too slow though, you find yourself wanting a punchy country stomp but it never materialises. You can find solace in a lot of The Breadwinner though, especially with the impossibly good In The Summer In The Heat but it's the sort of album that will softly win you over if you give it time to. Rating: 7/10