Label: Self-Releases Website: Buy: Amazon Utah four-piece Shark Speed could not have started their debut album, Sea Sick Music, any better. Album opener, Cast Off Dance Off is one of the coolest songs you will hear all year. The light math rock, feel-good sound will soundtrack any summer party. Soft horns open up a slow 'Ra Ra Riot' drum beat, only to gradually open up a notch revealing an irresistible chunk of indie pop. Their own brand of emo-tinged geek-pop is stupidly likable, you'll be singing “D.E.L.E.T.E. Y.O.U From The Hardware Of My Mind” from I'm A Machine in no time. Sea Sick Music is packed full of sing-it-loud choruses; choruses that are the centrepiece to each complex creation. The intricate math rock guitars, the subtle horns and the thumping bass combine to something so inventive there's no chance of you switching wanting anything else. The jangly Emo of Battle Born is as authentic as you can get. It has the twin, split chord guitars and powerful, familiar sounding vocals only with the math rock twinge that sets Shark Speed apart. The melody fires through with a held back aggression that allows lead singer Joe Christensen's voice to shine, and shine it does. Seagulls shows his voice off even more as well as his lyrical quips, “As your end is near and things get neurotic/You've lost your strength and all sense of logic.” Seagulls as a whole touches all the bases, impassioned vocals, swirling guitars and an ever changing pace and direction. Man Of Sass holds much of Sea Sick Music's grunt but they manage to holster it and emphasise those emphatic choruses. The consistency of Sea Sick Music is one to be envied, no song is inferior to another except the clichéd pointless instrumental that bands seem to insist on. Debut's aren't meant to be this polished and complete. Rating: 9/10