She Keeps Bees are a simple band, designed to ignite simple pleasures within us. Jessica Larrabee’s guitar work, and composition is average at best, rarely creating anything beyond some simple chord work, and Andy LaPlant isn’t especially exciting either. If you take a quick look at She Keeps Bees it’s difficult to quite work out why they are popular at all. They are one of the least remarkable and innovative bands currently receiving attention from the press and public.

Yet, She Keeps Bees are consistently enjoyable. Their second album, Nests, received a number of very positive reviews  and it deserved them. Pretty much the sole reason behind this is the voice of Jessica Larrabee. On Nests it had a quality that sent shivers down the spine of listeners. Powerful, hitting any note she wished it to, but most of all, it’s the sexiest voice in modern rock music. On Nests, her vocal performance held up the album, elevating it to modestly high heights.

Dig On, the duo’s third album is a different story. The music remains just as mediocre, and fails to hit any level even slightly above or below that. Each song is so similar in quality that the listener has quite a lot of difficulty telling them apart. In addition to this Jessica performs nowhere near the level she did on Nests. Each song sounds flat and devoid of real emotion. It’s pretty far from bad, any other singer could probably be praised for the vocals that Larrabee produces. However considering that the main reason She Keeps Bees had become popular was through her vocals, it’s a great disappointment to hear her sounding so muted.

But then, Dig on isn’t bad. It’s a perfectly fine album, but it’s never more than fine. There is nothing exceptional at all here. While it’s hard to listen to and come up with reasons why it’s rubbish, it’s equally hard to sing it’s praises. Dig On is a nothing album, that will unfortunately be forgotten because there’s absolutely nothing to remember it by. It adds nothing to She Keeps Bees that Nests didn’t already, inferior to its predecessor in every way. It’s recommended that despite it being pretty much fine, you don’t bother with it.