You don't like blues? fine. Songs a cappella don't particularly make you climb up walls from happiness? Fair enough. But if you happen to have come across Chan Marshall, better known as Cat Power, you'll know that blues isn't necessarily blues. And in the same way, a band you didn't think you'd particularly enjoy might become an amazing experience - especially live. She Keeps Bees is that sort of band. Yet another boy girl formation, you'll say. Blood Red Shoes, Matt & Kim, She & Him, the White Stripes, the comparisons are endless. well, guess what? Jess and Andy don't sound like any of those. They are dirty and raw, always waiting around the corner to surprise you. When you are expecting a couple of guitar chords around the bend, what you get are hand claps and voice solely accompanied by a snare drum instead. On stage, Andy is like every drummer, omnipresent but not really there as he smiles once in a while and closes his eyes the rest of the time, while Jess converses with the audience and with herself, sipping her water and laughing, excited like a little girl about the positive feedback from the Viennese crowd. Her voice, seductive and deep, rises up and twirls like smoke. Not only are people nodding and moving to the beat, not only are people almost dancing (and not just the drunk ones, geez!) but they're constantly asking for more, endlessly clapping, showing their enthusiasm as Jess, rocking out more than Mick Jagger with a video-projection full of polar bears behind her apologetically says that they have no more songs once they get to the bottom of the setlist - but that she'll gladly offer a bee stamp instead of an encore.