Band: She Keeps Bees Album:Nests Label: Names Records Released: 3rd August 2009 Buy: Rough Trade What's this? Another boy/girl duo doing the rounds? Well if it's not broke don't try fix it I guess...Obviously with the boy/girl setup of the band there's going to be comparisons flying around to the White Stripes but I never really got that from listening to the record. For me there were hints of Cat Power, there was more than a little PJ Harvey and there was even some Kills in there too, but this is no 'me too' album. She is Jessica Larrabee and she provides the vocals and guitar. He is Andy LaPlant and plays the drums and produces. Together they are She Keeps Bees. Their debut album 'Nests' is out on August 3rd. 'Nests' is a pretty raw sounding album that offers up some really dirty sounding blues tracks. Larrabee's vocal performance on the record is what makes the album so striking. It's got that certain bluesy quality about it that can make pretty much anything sound damn filthy and sexy. She could sing 'Happy Birthday' and it would just sound seedy. In the main there's not that much else extraordinary going on with the record. The guitar and drumming is minimalist throughout and the production has been left to one side instead letting the raw vocal performance lead the way. But somehow that doesn't really matter that much as tracks are still really full sounding. The album fits nicely together and clocking in at less than half an hour for eleven tracks there's not much room for filler. Any slight lulls are counteracted quickly and Larrabees vocal performace is generally able to bring you back around without you having a chance to lose interest. 'Nests' builds slowly with the excellent opener 'Ribbon' where you're quietly seduced and drawn in by the vocals. Before you know it, you are being assaulted with heavy guitar riffs as the noise really ramps up. This is when they are at their best for me when Larrabees awesome vocal is being flanked by that heavy guitar sound. There are some excellent blues tracks on the album such as 'Wear Red'; 'Gimmie' and 'Focus' all of which offer up some really memorable highlights. Listen to 'Gimmie' here: If you like your blues so dirty they are almost brown then She Keeps Bees might just be the band for you. This is a record which definitely has more ups than downs and is well worth checking out. 7/10 Track to Download:'Gimmie' Track to Skip: 'Bones Are Tired' Pigeonhole with: 'Cat Power'; 'PJ Harvey'; 'The Kills' ...and by way of a little bonus, here's a video for 'Cage Match'.