Label: RE:PEATER Records Release date: 18/10/10 Link: Myspace Upon hearing this split single from these two great Glasgow bands, it’s hard not to be moved to try and make up new superlatives to try and describe it, but that would just result in babbling incomprehensibly to the benefit of nobody. So instead let’s just go with ‘brilliant’. SHe’S HiT are a band that have neatly scythed elements of surf and garage rock to create a stunning sound; heavy on imposing reverb, the rawness of The Fall, Cramps-like jangling guitar and Iggy Pop/Stooges’ snarling apathy.‘RE:PEATER’ is so dirty you want to roll around in it in some display of base animalism. It’s unashamedly noisy but utterly irresistible, a fantastic song. Jacob Yates and The Pearly Gate Lock Pickers are a band created by former members of the much-loved Uncle John and Whitelock. For them, it’s not that the Fifties never ended, more they sound like they died during that decade and have just been resurrected. Like SHe’S HiT, they are disciples of the rockabilly/psychobilly music of The Cramps, but ‘Can’t Stop’ will invite comparisons with Nick Cave. There’s a definitely exciting air of menace about Yates’ vocal and the crunching garage-rock guitar riffs and bluesy piano give the song an unstoppable energy. Both songs make for an excellent pairing, a split single that will be enough to subside on until either band brings an album out. Photobucket