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Sometimes when reviewing an album I have to force myself to listen to it enough times to give myself enough of an impression of it in order to write about it in any detail. I am pleased to say that this isn’t the case with Sholi. I’ve found myself coming back to it again and again. Each time finding something new and exciting contained in a verse or with a song structure that makes me want to hear more and more.

Hailing from San Francisco, which is churning out many great bands at the moment, Sholi are a breath of fresh air. Light, jazz style drumming is backed up by tight and angular guitar play with breezy vocals that float in and out of each track.

What’s most refreshing about Sholi is that although they have a definite sonic identity, other than the vocals which remind me of Faraquets’ Devin Ocampo, there are no two songs on the album that sound alike. November From June is a lovers lament about a relationship that couldn’t sustain itself which is mostly driven by a simple plucked guitar refrain. Spy In The House of Memories begins as an uncomplicated piece with drummer Jonathon Bafus gently working his kit builds into something ferocious with militaristic precision and a clanging guitar riff ringing out the song bursts fully into life before retreating once again.

The album is produced by Deerhoofs’ Greg Saunier but there is no real evidence of his work putting an imprint on Sholi’s. He seems more than content to let them go ahead and do their own thing which works wonderfully.

This is an impressive debut from a band who clearly have more than one trick up their sleeves. I will be keeping my eye out for them in case they make it over to these shores at any point this year.