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It would be difficult to knock Sia's songwriting style, but it's certainty limited, as 1000 Forms of Fear shows. Almost every song on the album has a belt-it-out chorus, however the majority of the songs are plagued by Sia's inability to enunciate her words with any kind of clarity. At least 80% of the lyrics found on the album are completely incomprehensible: 'Burn The Pages, 'Eye of the Needle' and 'Hostage' are all fiendishly difficult to decode apart from clichés like, "Don't worry I'm here by your side." If you don't really pay attention to lyrical content then this is a brilliant collection of songs featuring 'quiet moments followed by a loud chorus', but this isn't what albums are judged on and Sia's songwriting ability simply isn't given a platform because of her delivery.

The production on the album is very shiny and polished, but at times far too cut and paste as every chorus seems to be layered with Sia's vocals, providing a backing falsetto. You can play a game of spot the pop laziness on this album too: 'Big Girls Cry' has a piano intro which is far too similar to Rihanna's 'Unfaithful' and 'Fire Meets Gasoline' has a chord progression so unbelievably similar to Beyoncé's 'Halo' that you can play the two simultaneously with almost no discernible difference. In future years, when students go and study 'DJing Wedding Discos' at university, mixing 'Fire Meets Gasoline' and 'Halo' will be the first thing on the course.

1000 Forms of Fear is not completely devoid of originality. 'Free The Animal' goes for something a bit different with a glitchy and stuttery chorus, 'Chandelier' is one of the best pop songs of the year and 'Elastic Heart' is pretty great too. Used on the soundtrack to the Hunger Games: Catching Fire, 'Elastic Heart' was co-produced by Diplo and features The Weeknd, whose falsetto works really well in tandem with Sia's powerhouse vocals. His voice provides a nice respite to the barrage of unintelligible verses and blasted choruses. It's just a shame this willingness to move outside the box was not employed more throughout the album.

'Cellophane' and 'Dressed in Black' close the album in much the same fashion as the rest offered. They're perfectly acceptable pop songs but offer nothing in the context of the album. Recently, George Ergatoudis (the Head of Music for BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra) tweeted that the album was dying out and being replaced by the playlist. Despite coming up against fierce criticism for this opinion, the pop world clearly agrees as Sia's 1000 Forms of Fear is essentially the same pop formula applied again and again. 'Chandelier' is undeniably a brilliant song and 'Elastic Heart' is a real surprise gem but the rest of the album feels unoriginal and derivative of the same pop elements that make up everything else in the charts. 1000 Forms of Fear is a massive disappointment based on Sia's previous songwriting credentials and the strength of 'Chandelier' - but in a world where pop is judged on singles, what more could anyone expect from 1000 Forms of Fear but a solid couple of singles to be thrown into radio playlists around the world?

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