This bands' wobbly style speaks of a quietly fading age of stoner and shoegaze rock, and is an excellent slow-moving contrast to the indie trends of excessive happiness and bounciness.

They are in fact far more reminiscent of middle era Pavement, with wailing, fade-in-and-out guitarwork, barely there vocals and discordant mixtures of noises and er, more noises. Similarly, this record in particular seems to be made of millions of tiny, unstructured, by turns cuddly and yet spiky tracks.

They are at once completely hideously unbearable and wonderfully sweet, low and comforting, in a strange pentatonic kind of way.

I hadn't heard of them before, and their website yields very little biographical information, except a carefully kept newsreel and blurry, fascinating shots of on-the-road Americana. This album will kick them off on a full US tour, and on into Europe for August, and I can only assume this means they are somewhat popular.

Whilst I couldn't really get my brain around them, I sort of hope they continue for many glorious years.