Label: Unsigned Release date: 12/07/10 Link: Myspace Describing his sound as ‘Deep despair and foolish hope’, Silent Paper Radios is the song writing project of Dan Gubbins. The EP, a gentle mixture of finger-picking guitars and Devendra Banheart influences creates an overall very beautiful sound. The first track is ‘Under the Stone’, a tender yet summery track, and for me, the highlight of the EP. The voice of Gubbins perfectly accompanies the music he is making, laid-back and melancholy, and this is flawlessly evident on the next track ‘The Footsteps of the Messenger’ which also shows that Gubbins is a talented lyricist alongside his ability to write a pleasant melody line. The handclapping on this track is a lovely addition as are the steady pauses throughout the song. The rest of the album continues on, similar to the beginning with its finger-picking and strong melodies being prominent in every song. The final track ‘Eye Lids’ finishes the EP off nicely with the repetition of the line “then fly, before he catches you”. This album is nice, very easy to listen to, but unfortunately a little average, a little dull. Apart from perhaps ‘Under the Stone’, none of the tracks particularly stand out for me and the continuously similar sound found on all the tracks gets a little repetitive after the third track. Gubbins can clearly write a beautiful song, the melodies and harmonies on some of the tracks are the beginnings of something brilliant, but this is still the beginnings and with a little more time, Silent Paper Radios has the potential to create something very beautiful. Photobucket