Label Captured Tracks Release date: 7/12/09 Website Silk Flowers Myspace In the tradition of Xiu Xiu's cacophony-passing-as-music (not meant as a slight), Silk Flowers kick-start their debut album As Above, So Below, with 'Windows close', a sort of incantation over a drum loop that sets the mood perfectly, then loses it amidst keyboards being tortured and shouts. There's something about Aviram Cohen's (vocal, if you can call it that) delivery. A baritone voice that seems distant and haunting, and although it can't be said that it grabs you right away, it does seep into your consciousness, either grating or adding to the mix. The album does get a little more conventional (not too much) as it progresses. The Joy Division-style dirge of 'I walk with you' is a prime exampel though it is in keeping with Silk Flowers'. Paired with the military drumroll/80s synth of 'Windchimes', these are the most accessible points of the EP. Crescent glow', the closing track of the EP, starts like an epic “game over” screen from an 8-bit videogame and then it builds; synths are messed about with and healthy doses of delay and digital processing rounds off the sound. If you like your music more verse-chorus-verse style, you might want to stay well clear of this offering. However, if you want something truly experimental (think a Clanger playing with a distortion pedal while high), then give this a try. It sounds like nothing else thing out there. Rating: 7/10