Label: Moshi Moshi Release date: 29/11/10 Link: Official Site Silver Columns have re-released their debut single ‘Brow Beaten’ and sent it out with a bunch of remixes to go along with it. Silver Columns is the collaborative effort of two former alternative folk musicians, Johnny Lynch and Adem Illhan who, when their background is considered, you wonder how they achieved the funky, electro-pop sound that they did. It sounds almost like two scientists going about making some music, and in that sense the outcome is more different than most. It’s kind of like Hot Chip but more sketchy and jolty; definitely a dance record but one that’s been methodically planned and put together in, at the risk of repeating myself, what feels like a very scientific manner. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the song isn’t natural, it just feels a bit a hollow, almost devoid of emotional attachment and is quite hard to get in to. The remixes themselves, mainly a collection of fidgety electro, are somewhat hit and miss as often remixes can be. The Kings Of Town remix, as well as the Joe Goddard one, are the outstanding ones as they manage to keep the natural funk of the track but add an element of danceability to them. Moonlight Matters’ effort is, as well as probably the most well-known of the remixes, probably the most ambitious, as it turns the song into a dub-funk number and transforms the song, as all good remixes do, into something you never thought it could be. The Donovans remix is not particularly good, neither is the Disco of Doom one. None of them are shamefully awful, it’s just hard to see the point in them being released on the same record. This really is the crux of the problem. It’s quite hard to see why Silver Columns re-released ‘Brow Beaten’ - if it was to make the remixes more mainstream, then that was perhaps a misguided attempt. They aren’t particularly different from the original and when listened to in full it does feel a little bit like you’re listening to the same track over and over again. This may sound obvious as it is essentially the same song but there needs to be something different on show; new elements that make you go ‘I hadn’t thought of that’. However, it is worth mentioning ‘Brow Beaten’ the single is still a decent track, and hopefully this is just a minor speedbump on the road of what could be a very promising collaborative career. Photobucket