You should know by now what you're getting with a Silversun Pickups album. It's been six years since their well-received debut album Carnavas with their second, Swoon, coming three years after. Or if you'd rather, three years before the new release Neck Of The Woods.

In all that time, little has really changed in the sound of the band. Songs are still led by Brian Aubert's unique vocal style and guitar dictatorship. And paired up with Chris Guanlao's trademark snare-heavy drumming you could stick this on shuffle along with the rest of the back catalogue and be hard pushed to pick out which album each track is from.

But in reality it's not such a bad thing. There's a reason the guys haven't switched up their sound, there's no need when you sound this good. It won't be to everybody's liking, little happens in a Pickups track. Just know that at some point there'll be an anthemic crescendo at some point in the track where everything makes sense.

'The Pit' does see an experimental side to the band come out with a drum machine and some glitch bass synth intro, but it's ditched just over a minute into the song in favour of their trusty old distorted guitars and off beat snare hits. 'Here We Are [Chancer]' does stick to this idea a little longer however with minimalist instrumentation and no euphoric rise to power and it sounds great. Though they've dabbled in this before they end up here with what sounds a little like a Bloc Party B-side track, in a good way.

Everything that Silversun Pickups fans love is here, high production, high quality alternative rock. Hopefully this album will win over some new fans as well but if you wanted an evolution over the last 10 years maybe you should come back in another 3 years time. Refined not revolutionary.