Label: Self-released. Release date: Out now! Website: Official site. Does the assumption that Simon Bray would be playing standard, uninteresting tunes of an acoustic guitar make me a bad person? Have I become too cynical? Maybe, I don’t know. It’s not important right now, because all of my assumptions were wrong, and this EP sounds great. You might have read or heard the name ‘Simon Bray’ around the internet in connection to some branch of the UK indie community, if such a thing exists. He’s recently been found in Sam Isaac’s live band, but now he’s finally chucking his own debut EP, Dust Log in to the ring. Instead of your typical acoustic guitars, the piano is his weapon of choice, backed by subtle and beautiful strings or chimes. Rather than making Luke Leighfield-style upbeat pop, Bray’s material is a lot less catchy, and a lot smarter, with more in common with the rolling waves of Hauschka’s contemporary style than anyone else currently playing in the UK. Bray’s voice is a little unremarkable in comparison – he’s very obviously a pianist and not a singer - but does the job well enough, with a deep murmur that ably accompanies the gorgeous pieces on offer. This is an amazing debut, and hopefully we’ll get to hear more work soon enough. Oh, and it’s only £3, but comes in a great little package. Click here to find out more, you will not regret it. Rating: 8/10