Label: Records Records Records Release date:06/12/10 Link: website I loved The Broken Family Band, partially for their Americana stylings and partly for Steven Adam’s often bitter lyrical genius and his distinctive voice. And here, with his new band Singing Adams, he recreates a little bit of that magic that made ‘The Booze and The Drugs’ so fucking cool. ‘I Need Your Mind’ keeps the Broken Family Band’s distinctive pulse and Adam’s vocal weaving, but replaces their lovely gratuitous banjo and swearing with a rather placid and limp backing and set of lyrics. I mean, it’s not bad, but it’s formulaic and a bit boring to be honest. It’s slightly over produced and boring. The work on it’s nice, the bass is nice, the guitar is nice, the drums are nice and it all makes one big fat nice song. There’s no grittiness to it, there’s nothing that makes you think twice, there’s nothing but plain boring wallpaper niceness. Photobucket