OK, so there are a lot of new singles released each week, which do you think is the best of the bunch? We have our ideas and you'll find our thoughts on some of these dotted around the site. However, in a new feature, which we're rather imaginatively calling 'Single Of The Week' we're going to give you a list of singles each week and ask you to tell us which you think is the best of the bunch. I'll try do something interesting with the results over time - though what exactly this will entail remains to be seen. Anyway as a starter for 10 here's a list of some of the singles released this week (that's July 13th 2009 - for anyone that's been at T in The Park and is still catching up) and a video of each for your 'enjoyment'. Once you've been through the lot, let us know which you think is the best. Easy as huh? Well, without further ado... Dead Weather - Treat Me Like Your Mother Jack White's latest escapade this time leading from the drums. One of the highlights from the otherwise slightly disappointing album Horehound (also released this week)! Flashguns - I Don't Not Love You London/Brighton based rock combo release their debut EP this week from which, I Don't Not Love You is the lead track. The Twang - Barney Rubble Brummy-tinged bouncy indie from 2006's next big thing... JLS - Beat Again Seriously, this was a novelty entry, now I'm not one to go and introduce bias into a survey but this is utter garbage... from last year's X Factor losers. Maximo Park - Questing Not Coasting The first single off the 3rd album from the North East's finest... Peter, Bjorn and John - It Don't Move Me Seriously, they did keep going after THAT single... this is the latest offering from Peter Bjorn and John which comes from their 'Living Thing' album that was released in March. OK, so there you go, there's a bit of a shortlist of some of the singles out this week, that we think should be considered as single of the week. What do you think? Which is your favourite? Vote Now! Note this is no Belle & Sebastian at the Brits scam, one entry per cookie only please! Obviously any comments on this, or ideas on what to do with the results stick them in the box below and we'll see how we go! And if anyone really picks JLS, hang your head in shame.