Hoorah, it's a Friday and i expect everyone is itching to leave work and enjoy a weekend filled with sunshine and merriment so we at the 405 have decided to review three upcoming singles to perhaps become the soundtrack to the next couple of days. Rose Kemp - Nanny's World  First up is an artist by the name of Rose Kemp. Ok, lets get the jokes out of the way now. No, she's not bold and she definitely has no affiliation to Eastenders! But she's most definitely affiliated to creating dark and intelligent music.  Coming out on June 31st via One Little Indian,‘Nanny’s World’ sees Kemp experiment with different genres of music to create a brooding, dark and ballsy rock song. Having supported the likes of James Yorkston, Oceansize and Bat For Lashes, you certainly begin to get a picture of the sort of scope she has as a musician.  Really good stuff. Listen to the song here! Nanny's World is taken from Unholy Majesty which is out September 1st 2008   Nephu Huzzband - Nurse Nurse  Next up are the stupidly young, genre mashing, Q and Not U loving indie kids from Nottingham and their latest single 'Nurse Nurse'. It clocks in at just over a minute and a half but even in that short space of time Nephu Huzzband have manage to be able to create a song that will make you dance like a maniac. In a good way! Listen to the song here! Nurse Nurse is out now!   Jesse Malin - Russian Roulette Last but by no means least is Jesse Malin with his fantastic single Russian Roulette, released June 16th through One Little Indian. In terms of reference points Malin compared to various Alt-Country and folky musicians but with 'Russian Roulette' we see him flip the script and produce a song with a very danceable beat. This might be a cover but it's certainly not a shoddy and cheep version of the original but more of an advancement. Visit Jesse Malin here! Russian Roulette is the second single from Jesse's latest release On Your Sleeve, out now!   Oliver