So today we trawl through the promos and write a quick review on each single that will be hitting the shelves on monday morning or have been recently released. Single Of The Week

Our single of the week comes in the form of 'Vuitton Blues' by the Laurel Collective. This is the sort of song that has only one objective. To make you dance. It's cynical, catchy, beautiful and full of great harmonies. They remind me a bit of Station Parade. I've listened to it a stupid amount of times this week and i suggest you do the same by clicking the player below.



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Next up is the band winning all the awards and radio/tv airplay, The Scratch. Released on Ponyland Records, The Scratch are here with single 'Critical Mass' and it's easy to see the clash influences at work here. Good stuff.

3/5  *Visit them at


We've reviewed these guys before (which you can find here) and their single 'Nurse Nurse!' but as it's released soon we though we would give you a nudge so that you can go out an get it. You wanna dance? Then get this song! Nephu Huzzband are here to stay!

4/5  *Visit them at


Next up is 'Falseness & Fairytales' by Modern Cliches. To me they sound like a modern day teenage punk band. It's ok, just not great. The vocals let the band down quite a lot and as bad as it sounds, their name is pretty accurate.

1.5/5  *Visit them here at 


Last but not least is The Crucible with their single 'Beyond Driven'. By far the heaviest single reviewed today but it's still accessible. Over six minutes in length, 'Beyond Driven' is a hard rocking, aggressive song and lead singer sounds a bit like Frogstomp era Daniel Johns.

3/5  *Visit them here at

  Come back next friday for another roundup!